O's world

Title: O's World

Year: 2014

Venue: Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines

Medium: a telescope with a rotating mount, web camera, livestreaming projection, articles selected from the Library and Archives of Vargas Museum.



This work is a simulated "universe" in the museum. On the first floor, I set the telescope on a rotating mount, and connected a web camera to it. Video captured by this camera streams straight to the library/archive room on the third floor. The design was for O's world to have 8 hours in one "day." I call the rotating telescope "O," and the room where the image is projected, "O's World." The image is like its "sky," through which one can observe beautiful images. Most times it's a blur, and you would probably just get bored.


Materials from the library and archives of Vargas Museum, all coming from the period between 1920 and 1960, were selected. In these materials, we can find changing perspectives about the cosmos.