What is it like to be me?

Year: 2014

Venue: IFI_LIP Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Medium: puppet performance including a science workshop and experiment, video posted on YouTube.



"What is it like to be me?" is a participatory performance project presented by Tokyo Independent Collaboratory (-TIC) in PestaBoneka #4. Through performance, lecture, workshop and discussion, the work was conceived to be an opportunity for exchanges of knowledge and ideas surrounding the question. What concepts can puppetry include? I directed the whole project and made a performance work.


In this work, I created a performance by interpreting puppetry, which was a new concept for me, through a science idea which had inspired me for a long time, and developing means to reintroduce this science idea from an artist's perspective.


First, I proposed to the audience that the camera eye can be treated as a puppet, showing some examples, and asked them: "Is the projected image of yourself on the screen, through the camera, you?" (in Bahasa Indonesia). Secondly, I presented a science experiment called the Rubber Hand Illusion with a chosen member of the audience. This was a parody experiment that I designed, referring to the original one. I recorded the experiment on video and edited it during the workshop which I gave to all the audience. As the performance was ending, I posted the video on YouTube. The audience might be shaken switching between subject and object, puppet and human, to see an art work and to be in the creation of the art work.